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Y o u only get one album. You only get one single. You get one shot in music. But I have a million different dreams. Why can’t I go out and try to achieve them all? Who are you to say I can’t?

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Fun fact: if you approach an employee and insist that they go ‘check the back’ for an item that’s not on the shelf, there is a 90% chance that they’ll go to the back room, scratch their ass and check their text messages for five minutes, and come back out with a sympathetic smile and a ‘Sorry!’ because they know without even looking that the stock isn’t there.

Or the old “can you ask a manager?”

As a retail employee, I can verify that this is 100% accurate.

Yup at Michael Kors and Abercrombie we’d just go in the back chill and talk shit and snack for a bit anytime someone asks for something from the back, managers don’t even care they just laugh

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"I was a good student, but I was the biggest procrastinator. I was the fastest typist in my school, and I had an obsession with spelling and memorizing. I was the happiest in English class, and algebra was where I cried."

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happy birthday, elizabeth! 

“you know, with my lines i sometimes feel like i have a PhD. so i feel like, ‘wow that was easy!’” all of my family is very medical; my mom is a doctor, my grandparents were all doctors. she still thinks i’m going to become a doctor at some point - so this is second best, in a way.”

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hurry up and save the world, right?

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Klayley + reasons why we love them    1 / 24    [inspired by x ]

                   #1 Because Klaus calls her little wolf

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“Some infinities are smaller than others, even so, you should cherish the small infinity you may have. It’s possible to make numbered days last infinity, don’t waste your life hoping for things that may never happen, cherish the things you have and the people around you. Life isn’t just sad and depressing, it’s full of beauty, all you have to do is look for it.

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